Phenomenon Technologies Wins African Union Prize.

Phenomenon Technologies Wins African Union Prize.

After a successful presentation on Friday fifth of October 2018, Phenomenon Technologies’ innovation, FundoVR went on to win the top 10 in Africa prize. Phenomenon Technologies was awarded $4000USD in funding in order to help scale FundoVR.

The African Union commission partnered with the government of the Republic of Senegal and other partner organizations and agencies across Africa to organize the Innovating Education In Africa Expo, an event aimed at showcasing technical and social innovations in every area of education and training, establishing a platform for sharing experience on relevant innovations across all relevant sectors, and raising visibility of the innovative practices so that they can be supported, up-scaled, replicated and ultimately further developed. 

The Innovating Education in Africa Expo was attended by academics, practitioners as well as policy makers amongst others. It involved exhibitions, demonstrations, and presentation of technical papers. A total of 50 innovators were selected to present and exhibit their innovations at the expo. Phenomenon Technologies’ innovation improves education through virtual reality by offering low-cost virtual excursions to students who are not opportune to partake in a real excursions and also for excursions that are physically impossible, but can be done with virtual reality. 

About our FundoVR Innovation.

In Zimbabwe, most students in rural areas and those in cities are usually not opportune to go on excursions due to the constraints of funds and distance, for learners in remote locations, far from the developed cities. In the developed cities as well, some learners cannot afford to go on excursions as the schools sometimes lack the funds to organize these excursions on a regular basis. This results in a kind of disadvantaged learning experience where all their knowledge comes mainly from textbooks. 

At Phenomenon technologies, we seek to offer low-cost excursions to schools in Zimbabwe through the use of Virtual Reality, a technology which will immerse the learners in any environment as if they were there themselves. Virtual Reality is being used in lots of innovative ways, including sports, entertainment and so on.  At Phenomenon technologies, we decided it should also be a part of the learning process for students in Zimbabwe. With continued support, we intend to further develop FundoVR so as to eventually extend our reach beyond the shores of Zimbabwe to the whole African continent. 

The FundoVR innovation seeks to achieve a situation where learners get an opportunity to virtually explore relevant environments like industries, chemical plants, laboratories, museums or even space without leaving their classroom, through the creation of 360 content tailor-made to suit curriculum needs and use of already existing 360 content in conjunction with virtual reality headsets to provide low cost excursions that most schools can afford in order to offer learners a complete educational experience.

With FundoVR, we can bring excursions to learners in their classrooms. We can offer virtual FundoVR excursions to learners anywhere from the most remote rural areas to learners in cities. Learners can now explore and experience all the endless possibilities of science applications like engineering, astrophysics, space exploration, mining and even art as well as virtual excursions of the complex systems within the human body or the marvels of the micro ecosystem all without leaving their classroom or traveling a great distance.

We at Phenomenon Technologies would like to appreciate the deputy minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Honorable Edgar Moyo for his immense support of FundoVR at the event.

Phenomenon Technologies CEO (Left) with Mr Mkwala Head of Research, Education (Center)
and Deputy Minister of Secondary and Primary Education Honourable Mr Edgar Moyo (Right)
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Phenomenon Technologies Wins African Union Prize.

After a successful presentation on Friday fifth of October 2018,…

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